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This episode is getting huge, and I need to remember what I need to write. I could just write this out in a word document, but the last time I did that for this episode I couldn't remember what half the things on the list were supposed to be. For some reason, I do better with these lists online.

This list may be considered minorly spoilery.

  • Glass and/or Jade need to realize Something Isn't Right
  • Markus needs to interact with Tristan, Deanna, and Andy
  • Markus needs to see Jacob at the very least
  • Everything with Tristan, Deanna and Andy
  • Lots of transitional scenes
  • Finish the scene with Deanna and James!
  • Figure out where the hell I was going with that Chris and Ruth scene

Also, I cannot believe how many times I've rewritten this one scene in this episode. I keep all the versions of things I write, in case I want to go back to them (even though I never do), and there are seriously four or five versions. The problem I have is that when I write for Jacob, I always end up going back and deleting 95% of his dialogue.

The good news is that I'm finally really happy with how that scene worked out.

Wtf bunny mood theme on here?
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