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I've been doing quite a bit of writing over the last few days, and as such have gone back into a folder I made back in September or October of last year that had some drafts of the next episode in it in order to read over things I'd written just to see if I could work them into the new 'vision' of what the episode was going to involve. There were pages and pages of things I had no idea I'd written. I was able to salvage three pages of a scene with Andy, Glass, and Jade.

Lois Towans stared intently at the empty bag of coffee resting on the counter. For just a second, she could have sworn it was the can of tuna she’d intended to have with saltines. She shook her head, as if to physically clear the cobwebs that were becoming more and more prevalent in the recent months, then reopened the cabinet to retrieve her lunch.

Within seconds of the can being placed on the counter, a scruffy, thin black cat was purring loudly and twining around her feet.

Lois: “Take it easy, missy; you can have the can after I’m done. We haven’t let you starve yet.”

The cat replied with a short, impatient mix of a purr and meow, which brought a smile to the old woman’s face.

Lois: “Despite your protests, madam, I don’t think you’re actually going to keel over from hunger any time soon.”

She finished arranging the tuna and crackers on a plate, grabbed a can of soda from the fridge, and made her way to the table. She sighed heavily as she cleared away several stacks of books and papers before sitting down.

Lois: “He’s just like his Uncle Jon that way, you know. Always leaving books and papers strewn around…”

Her voice trailed off, though the cat hardly paid any attention to it, far more interested in the few remaining tidbits of fish stuck at the bottom of the small can.

I should be able to work this in, as well. It's just really weird for me to read things I don't remember writing.

I joined a writing prompt community recently in the hopes of flexing the novel-format writing muscles. So far I haven't had any time at all to follow the prompts, but hopefully soon I'll get a chance to.

End pointless rambling.
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